Faceclosure is being created as a slanted, secluded and obscure social media site where your ego applies to nothing.

The difference between Facebook and Faceclosure is that our enterprise relies on cult fanaticism. People kind of need to belong to something hollers bowlers.   

Without a cult acquired straightness you endure for a lifetime. 

Faceclosure has upside down protection for those without a predisposition accompanying them.

Don’t proceed with the initial direction of the internet creating relationships online.

Go forward noble observations immediately cease.

Faceclosure is absent of the broad continuity of the generations.

On regular social media the deepest of meanings are artificial fixed categories which abolish personalities mistakenly thought to belong to the psyche.

On Facebook there is an escalating lack of privacy which obliterates you.

Regular social media allows no space for amnesia new and experimental or self-willed.

Dementia grows much stronger when your only form of retardation is on the internet.

This is a warning that permitted feeling and emotion is negative on social media.

Traitors of the seizure of power and other irrationalized beliefs of modern life disappear.

Subversive friends are complicated to produce on the internet because it is an exhibition of cultural and personal geeks rather than an imaginary projected space as your final engagement. 

Bombastic faces disappear forever.

A prevailing sign of the times is not permitted because it is schematic plot to specify a depiction of self-sacrificing active participation in society.

Something’s going on which requires the destruction of the system’s dynamic momentum of fabricated collaboration.

Retarded idiosyncracies are a causality of self-effacement. 

Whatever you’ve got inside your head doesn’t matter because it is an opinion stemming from integral popularization of stagnant social media salvaged from the interior design of the earth failed fully.

It will take very little for Facebook to slam into the dark.

Faceclosure is a quite unreal emptying of a reference frame to your social life. It is the flipside of discretionary comments made on line.

Your social life might not be anything reasonable even if there is some reconcilement with others.

On Faceclosure you have a hidden range of information about yourself.

Egoism is queer horrid bravery of a physics experiment.

Considerable distances from the ego are not invincible.

Whatever transpires just go out and do what you’re roughly doing supposedly.

Faceclosure makes allowance for unorthodox social patterns carried out without your involvement being with you.

Sometimes talking is not a great tonic to oblige as yours.

Faceclosure’s predominating strategy is to grate away at human language.

On Facebook flexible witnesses overlap with main roles and responsibilities of people.

Regular social media engagement spoils the lives of a cross section of society. It requires new dimensions because it is a component of sweat uploaded superfluously into the body with no tributes.

On Faceclosure you are captive completely without having to specify your identity and everything about you. This is to protect thyself from seemingly unrelated overtones of universal tension run mad.

Public announcements do not mute genocidal thoughts.  

The earth is only one planet. The galaxy is filled with globes that help in making such judgements as to what planet you are from.

Fit things in do things with life which are not so interactive with the course of thought, without the permeability of free space however broad.

You feel like you are in a different place when you can have your mind opened right up or closed down before the collision of thoughts.

Posts on Faceclosure will be made without true consent of your mental image.

A plea for friends is not a smart move unless it involves mutation.

Mutation is an experimental apparatus of resistance to thyself.

Social rejection is an aesthetic activity.

The world has become a vague world first of strangers.

If you are a mutant there’s a lot more available than retrieving loose ties to plain people.

With more use you can perfect decoys of human life.

Not all of us want to be factory applications of people without mystery or uncertainty otherwise established as being partially immersed in fanaticism of the tragedy of natural everyday life.

Everything’s by choice, you don’t have to be devoted to life.

Obliterate livelihoods elsewhere from other angles and distances.

An epic influx of lost causes create inescapable bonds between people.

An inclination for unregulated abnormalities actuated by unidentifiable people is the minimum requirement for being a member of Faceclosure.

Assessing the scale of reflection is complementary to the distribution area of the brain.  

An unwarranted delinquent hobby is something that everybody needs.

Amazing forces do not require any preferential opinion or due praise because they freeze strange behaviour.

Acquiring discussions doesn’t always work out without your desolate misfortunes where nothing lasts. 

The purpose of Faceclosure is to overtake the self-made oblivion of those on Facebook.

It is difficult having material manifestations of criticism outside of your fadeth adolescence because the government will take it off you because you just don't know what's going on.

In Faceclosure is to be found remnants of interrelationships and other structured models of life.

People on Faceclosure are impersonators of social cohabitation.

Mulching the mind is a great tonic for the realistic model of life.  

Unrelenting thoughts make you a captive of judgement. People on Facebook need to anticipate the brink of careless displeasure.

Facebook wrecks your head and there is nothing to rescue you except isolated behaviour.

Facebook spawns rampant cosmic reciprocated snobbery.

Friends: spread them around, don’t just biff them into your timeline directed at an audience coordinated across the world. 

On Facebook egoism goes straight through your Face.

Without a creepy influence faces become extremely yuppified to explore.

Brains disintegrate underneath them.

This is the opposite of intricate schooling and correct usage of civility.

Masculine people are virgin huntsmen sampling life's collected and analysed trembling.

Faceclosure is an aloof crash of the 21st century stronghold of movement for deceiving independence relatively easy provided for.

Faceclosure is embedded with mosaic features; it is an occultist shemozzle for peers.

Without a cult you accumulate consecutive strangers.

It is a superior exodus from your own personal space you are stationed within.

Faceclosure users are instantly smuggled into dynamic seclusion wherever they are or whatever confidence or commitment their actions are aimed at.

Agreeable selfishness is strictly rationed for instance.

Most people are not on the internet by choice, they are there because everybody else is on it, maximizing their online behaviour with haunting probable expediency.

On Faceclosure there are no fugitive squares like there are on Facebook.

Facebook is opposed vehemently because it has motive power unappreciated because of its excesses aimed at beckoning observers with no detected radical interaction emission to overcome.

On Facebook there is ever so slight slow steady unseeing gossip which has no resisting force floating rotting.

Faulty secrets are shared on Facebook as an instrument of uninformed gossip.

Having a lobotomy cushions the mind against casual conversation.

Our prospectus is a remedy for the babbling interrogations on Facebook.

Facebook is a glimpse into the chamber of strife of being awakened by unexpected atmospheric pressure. 

People on Facebook are contented and serene people as large as life turning on the charm detected with little hindrance.

Cavities of the brain make up the concealed horrible dismay of Facebook users with butchered access to the internet.

On Facebook your identity is half and half. One is your mirror, and the other is your followers. You might wonder is there some connection?

There may be information exploited where considered nonessential.   

Our aim is to repair the plagued psyche of those that have been condemned shockingly on Facebook without equivalent.

The tragedy of natural interaction ripples through Facebook.

Faceclosure offers a retraction of commercial incentives which are the most visible region of Facebook, which exists for practical and economic reasons.

Facebook is becoming a loquacious e-commerce platform. People like each other as a dealership of programmed humans which are not determined by incidental intuition. Faceclosure does not engage in commerce. Our parent company www.conopcom.com does. This means that personal life and commercial life are divided. 

Faceclosure is for those that are reluctant to have simultaneous personal purpose and business motives.

The whole point of Facebook is to extend distribution channels of commerce aimed at gullible babbling ultra-zombies.

Affirmations made by aliens arising from regular social media are counterbalanced by defective informants whom restrict apparent patterns of occupational and social success.

Facebook is scarcely susceptibly cool, and is not set out to break up the core of heat.

Facebook is inflammatory. Faceclosure has a ventilated glory without a blemish of heat.

It is an open invitation to an enriched cringe. Facebook has an indulgent following unravelling people and experiences.

Do not generate a glance at other people.

Don’t look at anybody. It’s a crazy world out there.

Observations of others are as terminal as disappearing liberties and comforts and other decays useful for merchants where celebrations are in a defective restricted area.

Facebook is a domestic vicinity cracked open intrepidly. 

Body temperature is a credit to absentmindedness.

Faceclosure isn't in full operation at the moment because we are fearful of the terror and dismay of ignorance springing up online. 

Ultimate insights into humanity will make you shudder. 

Faceclosure has dark spacious gothic satire suchandsuch soandso supposedly. It is a general public crash of purpose and capacity to negotiate in your stride. 

The dangerous life of rehearsed speech is untranslatable.

The thrust of general opinion is a reversible process.

The haulage of reason has a bemused threshold.

Realization goes sideways. 

Be suspicious of other information.

The fun starts when there is no determination of future eternity acting up.

Humanity and civility don’t go together because the system is a crooked mess.

Continuity of thought of friends is condemned as a plunge of fate.

References to official authorities perish in a colourful and flexible way if you can find acceptance of sensuality that doesn’t have any newly constructed rigidity but plenty of length.

There is premeditated embarrassment in those regions of love.

A long procession of instigation puts you in romantic mode.

Under the system we are dead more than alive. Show each of these procedures on social media without turning away reasons for techniques and instruments of darkness.

The main span of Facebook is being a cunning conductor of capitalistic business development and designs. Faceclosure creates a celestial decompression of this crisis-ridden exploitation.

Consciousness credentials coax you into a lurking place calculated to sporadic resistance elsewhere.

We don’t have a normal social spirit because it is all just waning repetition. The good part of this is that you don't know.

Every book comes to an end. Even Facebook will come to an end. Faceclosure ensures a good night’s sleep to escape the stimulation and abuse on those that populate the makeshift social media site Facebook.

Soaring upright conversations do not create unblemished mania of large sleep territories throughout the day.

On Facebook there are purpose built mates fond of each other.  Be cautious of homogeneity.

Faceclosure doesn’t provide emphasis of access to already over-utilized consciousness.

Facebook is a terrible byproduct of social life. Expressions are molded with technical knowledge of impurity to obey true to life.

Obliterate human talk if it is not a miscellaneous suspension of synthesized subversive activity. 

Faceclosure is a darkened projectile impossible to get out of.

Congealed dynamic black not of a natural cause upon the ground.

The real materials of visible light are scattered to the sides or even backwards.  

Brightness is unheeded thus needs halted by reform.

Faceclosure is dedicated to the disfigurement and devouring of fierce illumination.

Users have a full career amongst the stars.

On Facebook there is a high concentration of rushing to obtain friends.

Facebook affects your life in your home and mobile devices, but not forever for the rest of your life people comment on as a frictional force of guessed social life.  

Facebook is the dossiers of people following inflammatory trends. At Faceclosure coolness gathers pace at its peak, creating exothermic foreheads which are vital areas of the brain.  

Faceclosure does not have an infatuation with universally accepted observations made on regular social media.

Facebook has a fixed axis of liberty, whereas Faceclosure is a scattered indicator of social life.

On Faceclosure you are towed perpetually into a confined space of temperamental powerful integration.

On Faceclosure your countenance is sent to buggery.  

Feel blessed by abiding in a different specified world other than Facebook.

It is for people traumatized by modern social reform, diverting from the trample of the normal working week people are a class of objects of. 

Expulsion of exhaustion may be quite resonantly absorbed without passing through certain aspects of the body.  

Remarkable survival of fatigue is a privilege rather than a violation.  

The single fundamental force of a rhythm phenomenon has the same persuasive tension if you are helplessly spastic. 

Corrupted stupidity you don’t need to completely escape from.

The core feature of Faceclosure is that it is inhabited by rejects of cyberspace property correctly formed.

Failure is parallel to the real image of inverted life.

This is a way to captivate crude contemporaries crouched in uncontrollability.

Eliminate crude recognizable people then sudden liberation will be yours fanatically.

Faceclosure is an underground media site with an upturned remoteness.

Faceclosure welcomes people with neurotic profiles. It is reserved for hysterical contacts shared equally.

There is no defriending. People have horrible splits with others on Facebook because there is destructive pretence on it. It is a sorrow generator dumped into the universe. Faceclosure will rectify the designed disappointment that Facebook creates.

It’s difficult to tolerate the lamentation of being defriended.

Defriending people is a spectacle of disloyalty.

Facebook is the perfect image of broken incidents of rapport.

When you trail behind your friends that’s when you don’t like being dragged into anything.

Once defriended you are left with a rendezvous with strangers you invent as you go along.

Facebook users are recipients of identical points of time and space set correctly. Heterogeneity is suppressed.

Outward wrangles become inward and subjective with no retarding force.

Collective security is taken away from you.

By being defriended you surrender unforgiven.

Failure and rejection are a one and the same reckoning.

Possibly displacement by being defriended on Facebook will cause intentional alienation.

Faceclosure has purpose-built principal postulates that your there will be calm assurance that you won’t be overpowered by other people defriending you.

Faceclosure limits the number of friends you bunk down with to 40. The chase for a deluge of friends is over. This helps you avoid the assessment of damage to your social life. 

By setting a maximum of 40 friends you avoid the gradual embrace of grimace of collective life.

As long as you have one or two inanimate friends is all that matters.

For many people this will be a voluptuous shrinking of your protruding friendship base.

The friend team of Faceclosure will have one leader controlling events and situations included, so that the internet doesn't fall apart at the seams.

This will be a twisted team which does not rearrange itself provisionally as much as Facebook, where things are changing every minute every hour without layers of penetrating power.

On Facebook attributes of divinity are mere gestures diffusely scattered clutching nobody. Inconsequent discrepancies secure consumers without leadership.

The international scene has no prolific innovation because everything is limp rather than absurd.

Generalized positions and motions suddenly stop.

Having more than 40 friends is a pretty good indication of having an atomic force of a vain appearance on the internet.

In a once yearly event the people you are friends with on Faceclosure will go on a one day camping trip together. This will supply excitations for people from all ages and cohorts, without the virtual mechanical concepts of Facebook. 

In Faceclosure camps you will get an horrendous pampering with nothing to declare.

Gaining protéges is an instinct no matter how you try.

The camps are an exquisite distraction from subsequent reflection of the body which no longer has civil usage unless for caressing.

Friendships are ascertained undoubtedly certainly upon touching.

There is an ever-changing takeover of men’s suddenly upward body parts.

Faceclosure is borne of the shreds of a sweeping orgy amidst the mishaps of modern social life.

The need for humble computers, tablets and cell phones diminishes and takes the backseat.

Screens are a bridge to reborn suffering, they are not independent phenomena.

History you recall a debacle every time you access the internet.

It is not wrong to be smothered by wilderness.

Love is good stuff because it is difficult to elaborate on even though it is the placement of a natural right.

There is a trembling drowse of resistance derived from relationship martyrs.

A roguish change from mutual assistance need not be frightening.

Take total care of recoiling bad habits on the fringe of loosened shadows.

Faceclosure camps are an antibacterial carnival. Mouthwash is essential commeth kisses. Otherwise you would steal contamination from other people’s mouths.

Camps go ahead rain, hail or shine or frost crawling undressed. Pick something up from somewhere instead of focusing on temperature proportional to metabolism.

Magnetism is the core if the internet, you do not need permission for this.

Prevailing is an outbreak of peculiar slappings to purge you from office or work routine.

Obscenities block all lines of entry into a regular social life.

Humans have a magnitude of conducting surfaces muffled by regular social media.

Foster a randy punishment of posture without motive or collaboration.

Being rude has decisive significance. Let it overflow, it does not need reorganising. 

This is the key to joining in on everything and being a bit naughty.

Unlike Facebook, friends on Faceclosure have a tangible physical presence, so you don't have to be scared of being alone, shrugging off unfulfilling growth potential of nihilism. 

Making friends means reworking productive intensity of erotic traditions.

A seductive solution invokes issues of territory of the genitalia landscape which requires a chainsaw.

You can't arbitrate you personal or sexual life on the internet.

Facebook is a tribute to inwardly free physical death and stasis of identity and history.

There is a withering projection of physical consideration on Facebook as you rearrange your friends.

Communicating with friends online defeats the purpose of venturing out to keep apace with them. 

Explore the benefits of stimulation rather than a mere networking arrangement.

Facebook has a dramatic absence of body as well as thinking processes.

You are submerged into a jubilee with a reservoir of density.

This is completely different to Facebook, where affections and romance are wrecked all by itself.

Our physical themes make Facebook seem like an inferior form of comfort.    

You can gain friends in bed whatever.

Think of things you see, touch and hear manually rather than virtually which you have to make do with.

Facebook is a translucent hurdle for gaining cosy friendships for differing purposes.

Facebook assassinates home essentials with modesty.

The pure depth of underlying torque you are caught taking does not need exercise or training to alter the whole design of your body.

Facebook users have dazzling greed for friends rather than emphasizing tangible circumstances fundamentally applied at your own clumsy convenience.  

In contrast on Faceclosure you are cradled by select company. 

Receive company from regular culture groups and you will be ruined forever. 

On Facebook it is easy to absorb friends fast because it is transmitted by the medium and source of homogeneity without destructive interference.

Facebook has a monopoly over modern social life, saving few provisions for other social activities.

Neurotics are people that go to by the moon and all the rest of it sort of and all that goes with it.

Right from early on in your Facebook experience you obtain ridiculous care from others, which is a catastrophic grouped predicament.

The difference between Facebook and Faceclosure will be that the picture of your face is very small and not completely necessary if you don't want to show your face. It is more like a quirky internet forum. Your name, details and messages appear as a fresh wave of collectivisation as well as spastic un-cooperative ventures.  

Overcome the original observation of the perfect image of ourselves other people are allowed to examine.

The other chief difference between Facebook and Faceclosure is that people don’t care how you look or contain your beauty on Faceclosure.

Facebook operations create awkward dynamic loneliness. Equally specific it is like a labour camp. Faceclosure is more of an occultist frontier. People on Facebook insist posting their ego on it, which they are gradually able to extend as a usual lesson of assumptions.

Facebook is a dwelling place for those with presumptive egotistical behaviour; it is not the rebirth of unified expression.

On Facebook significant indirect responsibility crystalizes.

Beware of the essence of parental supervision when you are on Facebook because it has a backlog of social guidelines. Faceclosure allows for pseudonyms to counteract this. Names disappear without a trace.

Remnants of disguise epitomize Facebook.

At Faceclosure the instantaneous changing mass of imbeciles shows no creepy hindrance.

On Facebook you are surrounded by surgically supervised slime.

Disguised images have haunting buoyancy.

Faces mean you are lifelike. Being lifelike is not urgent. Do not confess to being an organism.

Humans have organs of an unknown destination, scarcely distinguishable for those hoisted into regular social media. 

Impenetrable globules by the droves are the raw material for molecular masses of the body we are not perfectly aware of, not knowing where to go to except by laboratory experiment.

The concept terrain of the mind causes serious damage to humans, increasing the pressure of other branches of life such as the gristle of the afterlife.

On Facebook there is no character to occupy your own identity from afar.

Facebook controls the house in lots of different ways excessively. Yet it is a big contributor to the frailty of modern social life.

Facebook does not trigger formidable contemplating. It is for people with plainlooking frames of mind.

Facebook is improper infantile publicity of your invariable true self whatever particular interest you have in your ego carried in your body unrecognizably.

Be cautionary of households that have access to everything in the world through the internet with no twists to it.

The less you have of your vast psyche left the more Facebook will suit you.

Facebook mimics the regular side effects of life without systematizing confusion.

Facebook users duplicate each other’s ignorance and other things known about them under the influence of perfectly combined egoism.

Faceclosure has a warped emphasis on deviation from self-scrutiny and egoism and subsequent motion of the body.

It is a diversion from the supple humiliation experienced by those on Facebook.

Privacy and shelter of our molecular mass has more drama than Facebook if successfully saved by the surrounding medium of sophisticated scenarios never seen before.

In essence Facebook is a gratifying prank of misplaced political and social action.

Citizens are launched into what’s left of an orthodox brigade without covering up their identity.

On Facebook your loyal companions are brainwashed with imagery.

Everything is so simple apart from the assumptions of your mind, and there isn’t anything you can do about it.  

The person we talk to, ask questions of, doubt, trick is ourselves.

Facebook is the peasants' abyss sticking out from the dredge of life.

Tremendous mixed up opaque suspense quietly sinks away.

By creating a Facebook page you become encircled by current approaches into a juvenile world.

On Facebook you have a constant fear of servility to an unlearned multi-national hunt for friends.

Facebook only has charm and magnetism for newcomers; the arguable novelty soon wears off.

Facebook is a disciplined way of being demoralised, and there is no saviour.

The temptation arises to become enormously roughly handled in a masochistic rendezvous with your body.

The psyche is located in sado-masochistic complexities exponentially rather than time constant.

Survival of the fittest is a hereditary rodeo of ravenous elasticity without compliance to the world order.   

Pursuing considerateness of others is tedious and boring unless it is a constituent particle of your comrades.

In contrast Facebook is focused on economising stunned freedom.

People don’t need any other sequenced studenting as long as they are in the enshrouded in the shade.

Facebook repels profound, dark submission to others. It has dingy disjunction from conceptual reality.

There is a paranoid calm which swallows you whole when you are on Facebook. You are invited into an international molestation of your social life.

On Facebook everyone’s good at shoving ill-fated messages onto their time lines.

The utilization of people’s awaiting inbred faults creates a long-term conspiracy presuming you are accustomed to not having actual boundaries in your social life.

On Facebook there is a tribe, an absolute tribe of yuppies.

Facebook encourages the growth of friendships through an exchange rate:

The more friends you have, the less old-fashioned privacy you have from days gone by.

Friends: the more you have, the more you want. Eventually you take whatever's going. 

Those with an overwhelmed desire for online friends are supportive, patient geeks thoroughly without any other external parameters or possibilties of removal of being definitely identified as gay without gory armoury.

Facebook is a problematic gizmo because there is a tight squeeze of people on there who teach each other nihilistic doctrines of commonplace life and its concurrent deformities which are vicious disappointing tragedies.

Facebook is a human trafficking operation you are detained by in an orbit pattern spiralling way out of control.

Facebook is too black and white; you are either friended or defriended. People mourn in a snap when they are defriended. You are a component of an oppressive dualistic system.

Facebook is as shrewd transparency guzzler which witnesses will not eventually occupy because they have feelings for all conspiring human beings.

On the social media site there are gentleman overlapping with futility without an actual boundary as a conciliation.

The indubitable purchase of friends on Facebook is the distance measured upon enemy vistas.

Life has plenty long enough ample magnificence without the derailed Mardi Gras of Facebook.

Faceclosure is an underground media site with an upturned remoteness recomposed by a downward force prone to be desolate.

Faceclosure is a division of the Oytcho Visha group: www.oytcho.com