Facebook is frail because it is free to join. Eliminate free natural life worth living. Faceclosure charges US$60 per year to join or US$12 per month to join. These prices are not only for a single person, they also apply to families or a group of up to six friends, making the price alot cheaper if you have extra family or friends on it. Having a cost to join Faceclosure will deter spammers and make the site advertisement free, otherwise profiteering would become inevitable. By using free internet services, somewhere along the line you will be paying a huge price by losing your grooviness. By being free, Facebook has an obvious blockage of value. The torments of freedom are suggestive of an education, not envious mythology.

Realist provoked profit protocols are deep inside Facebook in a very wide fashion.

Even though Faceclosure is only in the pipeline at the moment please make a donation if you have found it helpful.

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